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Power Regulators

KUKSONS    offer   you   a   wide   range   of   the   Quality   Electronic   Equipment   that   have
proven themselves under diverse conditions in the Indian industrial environment, giving all our customers unmatched value for money.
Power Regulators





KUKSONS Power Regulators or Power Controllers are used for providing controlled AC/DC power from the incoming A.C. mains supply. These Thyristorised Power Regulators are easy and convenient to use, fast in response and provide step less variation. They offer several advantages compared to bulky auto transformers, transformers, with taps and magnetic amplifiers. Thyristors also eliminate the wear and tear of contacts which are used to switch power in conventional methods.

KUKSONS Power Regulators are efficient, compact in size and offer flexibility in control.

KUKSONS offers you a wide range of Thyristorised Power Regulators, from a simple system where power is varied through a potentiometer, or it could be a turn-key automatic system.

The regulator can operate in open loop or closed loop control. It could be operated locally or remotely. There is no provision for interlocks with external control. Whatever be the application, KUKSONS can offer you a system optimized to your needs.

The control electronics is either on a single PCB or on plug-in PCBs housed in a standard card rack. The PCBs have indication LEDs on test points on the front facial, for indicating the status of the unit and for easy diagnosis in the rare case of fault.

KUKSONS Power Regulator have an incoming switch, an optional fuse monitor interlocked with the control, Thyristors mounted on Heat sinks and the electronic controls all mounted in a stand alone rack-unit or panel.

KUKSONS Power Regulators are available in the following standardised versions :

Upto 5 KW / KVA; 1ph input.

Upto 25 KW / KVA; 415 - 440 V. AC; 3 ph input

Panel systems upto 1000 KW DC or 200 KVA AC output
( Maximum current in DC Regulator is 1000 Amps )

KUKSONS Power Regulators if used without transformers, cannot boost the output voltage. Output voltage is less than input voltage

Weld quality is determined by power and weld time. This variable welding time is set by a timer. The power level during that time is controller by the power controller.

In HF induction heaters, high voltage DC is fed to an inverter, which generates high frequency AC. Here, the power controller is used as the first stage of the system. Feedback is taken from the high voltage DC side. This enables the output power to be varied and regulated.

The on/off or linear output a temperature controller. In case of ON / OFF type, the power level during On time can be set by the controller. And in case of linear type the power is controlled continuously depending on the linear output of a temperature controller.

In High Current Power Supplies. Power Regulators are used in the primary to the stepdown transformer. Current and voltage feedback is taken from the DC side. In these applications, the DC voltage or current is varried and regulated.

Major application areas include : Electrolysis, Refining, Electroplating, etc.
A wide range of features can be provided with KUKSONS Power Regulators at the customer's option, to meet specific applications requirements :
•  Current Limiting / Power Limiting
•  Over current tripping
•  Can be used with transformers to give regulator HV or HI Controllers.
•  Feedback can be taken from the parameter of control like DC Current / Voltage; AC Voltage before / after the transformer.
•  Fast in response.
•  Stepless variation.
•  Isolated control section.
•  Remote control panel.
•  Relay card to switch to different references determined by external controls, (e.g. for Induction Heating System )
•  Built-in protection card that latches and identifies fault conditions and trips the regulator.
•  Soft-start / Soft end.
•  R / C snubbers for voltage spike protection.
•  Isolating contactors, fuses, mains switch.
•  Meters for current and voltage indication.
•  Push-button switches and pilot plants.
•  Compact and light weight as compared to transformer.

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